yoga Bolster buckwheat from Kurma

Yoga bolster/pillow roll KURMA buckwheat hulls


Kurma Bolster with buckwheat hulls are a great prop for Restorative Yoga and for support in deep hip openings or seated poses, they provide support and stability. Add to that the health safety and light, natural scent. Made of high quality materials, they give the height and comfort needed during practice. The buckwheat hull filling conforms to the contours of the body and helps you improve your performance.
The bolsters have a cover of thick cotton fabric and a carrying handle. They are provided with an inlay that is plumped with buckwheat hulls. By removing smaller amounts, everyone can adjust the compactness of the bolster for themselves. The Yoga Bolster is made in Europe and is carefully sewn. Zipper on the long side.

  - Strong cotton drill cover, removable and washable
  - Designed for a large variety of yoga poses
  - Seams are overlock stitched to prevent fraying when washed
  - High density polyester filling
  - Includes handles on both ends
  - High-quality finish


Maße: L 60 cm x  Durchmesser 23 cm
Gewicht: ca. 5,5 kg
Farbe: Bordeaux, Dark Blue, Moonrise (violett), Dayspring (hell lila), Glacier Bay (zart grün)

Material: 100 % Baumwolle

Gewicht: 5 Kg

Versandgewicht ca.: 5,5 Kg


Pflegehinweis: In der Washmaschine bei 30° C


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Yoga bolster/pillow roll KURMA buckwheat hulls

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Yoga bolster/pillow roll with buckwheat hulls Usage.

Bolsters, roller cushions or cushion rolls are used for various yoga asanas, where they optionally strengthen or soften the stretching effect of the various asanas. They allow for an elevated sitting position, causing the pelvis and upper body to straighten.

It becomes possible to assume positions for which the flexibility or strength would otherwise be lacking.
They are also very good for passive backbends to relax the heart - lung area and open the chest (heart space "opening", chest expansion). 
Forward bends over the roller cushion can calm the mind and nervous system. 
Reverse postures such as Viparita Karani produce a strong restorative effect.
Positions especially in Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga can be held longer and more relaxed.
Also in physiotherapy and as a seat cushion for meditation our bolsters are very suitable.


What are buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat hulls are an extremely breathable and heat-retaining natural product.
These buckwheat hulls are particularly suitable as a filling material for sleeping pillows, meditation pillows, seat cushions, etc. Buckwheat offers several advantages as a filling material, it gently adapts to your body and at the same time gives you a stable, firm seat.
Due to the flowing behavior of buckwheat in the bolster, it acts as an optimal support in any position.
The breathable filling material ensures a good exchange of moisture during prolonged sitting and has a temperature-balancing effect.
Compared to spelt, buckwheat offers the advantage that it hardly rustles.