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Expand the dimension - the headstand stool


With the headstand stool you can finally perfect your headstand.
The headstand stool is just the thing for an easy and safe introduction to headstand.
Since the body weight rests on the shoulders there is no pressure on the head and no strain on the cervical spine, neck and shoulders.
The headstand stool is great for getting maximum benefit from inversion postures, it provides safety, by providing support and facilitating balance.
It is also suitable for beginners and practitioners for whom the new "dimension" of headstand would otherwise be a great challenge.
The headstand support gives confidence and develops strength.
With the yoga bench succeed exercises such as leg lifts, back shaping, shoulder - and chest opening and integrated stretching.
It helps relieve back pain, promotes blood circulation, relieves stress and tension, enhances concentration and balance, relieves fatigue, improves sleep and makes the body more slender and figure.


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The yoga headstand stool offers an ergonomic and innovative design.
The frame of the yogawood headstand stool is made of layered birch wood, which was bent from one continuous piece.
This combination results in an extremely robust construction - stable and flexible at the same time.
The 5.5 cm thick sponge cushion offers you a comfortable feeling
The headstand bench is delivered in individual parts and is easy to assemble, instructions are included.

Material: Birch multiplex
Seat: Vegan, PU sponge with high density
Foot glides: 4 anti-slip rubber glides and 4 felt glides each
Size: L 60 x W 40 x H 40 cm
cushion thickness: 5,5 cm
Load capacity: 150 Kg.
Color: White
Weight: 4,8 Kg
Shipping weight approx: 5,5 Kg

Headstand stool/Kopfstandhocker

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